Our Mission:

Survival Gear Authority is intended to make premium quality survival gear affordable to everyone.

The goal of this is two fold, firstly, this enables people who may otherwise not have access to great quality gear, to easily get what they need, and get outdoors.  But also, we want to promote survival, bushcraft, woodcraft, and preparedness to everyone by making it easily attainable.

Our Message:

Survival isn’t only for the hardcore or “preppers” as they say.  Survival gear is a gateway to the outdoors and ultimately having fun in the woods, while learning the skills that you need along the way to help you be prepared and take control of every situation.

Survival Gear Authority exists to let everyone know how fun the survivalist hobby and lifestyle can be and we want to make it appealing and accessible to everyone, and not just the folks who will spend top dollar for their gear, but also those with the casual interest who still want and deserve good quality equipment to have fun with and use.


Welcome to our Amazon store front.  Here on our site you’ll find our products, blog posts, courses we offer locally, and a network of products and services we support because they are in line with our vision.  We blog regularly about survival tips and tricks, survival gear, personal stories of the team, as well as any and all things related to survival, bushcraft, and preparedness.

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Our Team:

Located in upstate New York, we are fortunate and proud to be based in the Eastern Woodlands.  The winters are steeped with snow, but full of some of the best camping and hunting, and believe us, the deer are plentiful.  The winters do give way to majestic summers on the great lakes and nights under the stars next to the camp fire.

We see four seasons, which means deer season followed by snow mobile trips to the cabin.  When spring time rolls around, it’s time to get out on the lake and get the fishing lines in the water.  We believe every season is camping season and our four wheeler’s see as much drive time as our SUV’s and pickups.

Mother nature is indifferent to whether you are left without, or if you thrive.  Therefore, our mentality is:

Be Prepared:  Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.  Whether you’re on a day hike, a weekend at the camp, or on a snowy commute to work, every scenario offers an opportunity for the unknown and the unexpected.  Therefore, having the knowledge and gear on hand to minimize your risk helps you to…

Take Control: Of every situation.  Survival, bushcraft, camping, woodcraft, or even preparedness all share similar principles in that you do not want to be at the mercy of your circumstances.  Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge you need to affect your situation in a positive way and take control of the circumstances you are presented with.

We don’t necessarily buy into the mentality of “beating mother nature” or “fighting nature to survive”.  But we don’t think you have to be at it’s mercy either and as long as you prepare, you can take control of the situations presented to you so you are in control of your own well being, no matter the weather or circumstance.  It could be gear to start a fire even with no dry tinder, or a knife, or shelter building implements, or even just getting off the ground in a hammock to avoid conduction and convection, there are a plethora of ways to be prepared and to take control of your situation at hand.

Survival Gear Authority strives to provide you with premium quality gear to help you be prepared and take control.  Whether it’s a survival kit that you keep in your car, or gear you take into the woods or out on the lake, we are appreciative of the opportunity to provide you with gear you can rely on in both the “want to” and the “need to” situations.

We believe survival, bushcraft, woodcraft, as well as preparedness and even camping all share similar principles.  Minimalism is present at the core, but also doing what you can with what you have isn’t just for worst case scenarios, it is also fun.  Whether you’re going for a camping trip to the cottage or cabin, or you’re at your lake house, one foot into the woods is an adventure.  We remember that feeling of running out into the back yard when you’re a kid and it becomes a jungle or a forest somewhere far away.  The shelters were tree house fortresses or outposts on the edge of the world.

We encourage you to join us in enjoying the outdoors.  There is nothing like a night under the stars next to the camp fire.  There is no white noise more soothing to the ears as the crackle of a fire or the gentle repetitive song of crickets in the background, or waves hitting the shore somewhere near by.  We don’t even need to mention the thrill of starting a fire with something other than a lighter for the first time.  The spark of that fire rod igniting your tinder is pure excitement as you carefully provide it oxygen, whirling it up into a water purifying, food cooking, and heat giving fire.

Whether it’s as serious as being stuck in a snowbound car over night when you were just on your way to work, or as simple as an overnight tent excursion in your backyard, we’re there with you.

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