How To Get FREE Survival Gear

How To Get FREE Survival Gear

Hey there, quick note here about a super survivalicious…(never using that again) thing that’s going on at Survival Gear Authority for anyone who loves free survival gear.

We’re running a VIP promotion that will get Survival Gear Authority fans free survival gear.

How do you get this you may ask?  Or we are asking for you…

Simply CLICK HERE and join our Survival Club.

What is the Survival Club and why are you giving away free survival gear?

Here’s the deal…

We want your feedback on our survival gear.  Your feedback is very important to us and makes us feel better than a house smells that has cookies baking in it.

It’s how we know how to provide you the best survival gear around and what makes us an AUTHORITY.  At least our mom’s say we’re an authority on survival gear, but I digress…


  1. Sign up for our Survival Club
  2. Whenever we launch new products, we’ll email you and ask if you’d like to try one in exchange for an honest review on Amazon.
  3. We’ll send you an Amazon coupon code that will give you the product for free.
  4. You try out the product, then leave a review on Amazon.
  5. Drink a tall glass of OJ and relax because that’s it!

Sound good?  Let’s go!  GRAB THAT FREE SURVIVAL GEAR!